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Inspection Report

BlueTape Solutions was created to assist with the burden that realtors and homeowners face when handed their inspection report. Finding the right contractors to complete your repair addendum by closing without breaking the bank was nearly impossible, until BlueTape Solutions came along. We are designed as an affordable and timely one stop shop for all inspection report repairs.


Electrical Issues?

       No Problem!

Leaky Pipes? 


Termite Damage and Wood Rot?

We've Got You Covered!


CL-100 Reports, also known as Wood Infestation Reports, can throw a wrench in your closing plans if not addressed. Luckily, BlueTape Solutions can not only take care of the repairs identified in the CL-100, but we can provide the proper documentation that is required as well.  


Pre-Listing Inspection Package

BlueTape Solutions has partnered with Radiant Home Inspections, one of the Lowcountry's leading residential home inspection companies, to provide homeowners and realtors a custom pre-listing inspection report and estimate that will save you time up front. With BlueTape Solutions, you can learn your homes condition and make the required repairs before you list.